Ginger Beer How To Make A Healthy Probiotic Drink

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3 min readNov 5, 2022

A drink for a healthier you

glass of homemade ginger ale with lemon and ginger
Image by André from Pixabay

Ginger beer also known as ginger ale is easy to make and such a healthy alternative to commercially prepared sodas. This drink is full of probiotics which are beneficial for a healthy gut biome. Ginger beer is used for upset stomachs, nausea and digestive issues. This ginger ale is fantastic to drink as a refreshing drink any time.

This is a fermented drink so there will be natural carbonation, from slightly fizzy to very fizzy. This recipe will take 4 days fermenting before its ready.

There are two parts to the process, the first small fermentation is called the bug. The bug gets things really kicking and then a secondary fermentation with extra ingredients. You don’t need to add yeast to this because the yeast comes from the air much the same way as making a sourdough starter. Once the process is complete, you can store your ginger beer in glass bottles in your fridge.

First you need to make a ginger bug.

Ginger Bug


  • 1 piece of organic ginger root about 8 inches long
  • Start with 10 grams chopped ginger (you will add more ginger daily for 3 days)
  • 10 grams of sugar
  • 250 ml of water
  • Clean 1 quart Mason jar and ring
  • Small piece of cheesecloth


  • Add the chopped ginger, sugar and water to the Mason jar
  • Stir the ingredients and cover with the cheesecloth and ring
  • Leave on a counter at room temperature for 1 day
  • For the next three to four days, add 10 grams ginger and 10 grams sugar
  • The ginger bug will start to foam

Now we can make the beer!

Ginger Beer


  • 1liter distilled water
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 30 grams chopped ginger


  • In a small pot, add one liter of water and heat.
  • Once the water is almost simmering add 100…



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